Best Time to
Mow Your Lawn

Mowing lawns for some may be
drudgery, but it is a labor of love for
those that wish to maintain a healthy
and well manicured lawn. Regular
mowing insures healthy turf and
mowing at the appropriate intervals
will not only insure a beautiful lawn,
but will provide sustenance for the
root systems.

Most grasses should be maintained
at a height of about 2 inches during
the spring and fall and at 2½ -3 ½
inches during the hot summer
months. The reason for the higher
height during the summer insures
that shade is provided for the
underlying growth and higher growth
enhances the retention of moisture in
the soil, thereby reducing
requirements for watering. Higher
blades of grass also serve as a
natural barrier to weed growth. The
higher the grass is allowed to grow in
the summer (without reaching
excessive heights) the better it is.


Using top of the line equipment, together with a
well trained staff, allows us to provide the highest
quality mowing service. We sharpen blades daily
to give your turf the neatest possible cut
appearance. Most of our commercial and
residential customers have been with us for years.

It’s important that when you’re watering that you don’t allow water to run off your lawn. If you’ve got water run off problems you’ll want to only water until the water starts running off, and then move to another zone. If you didn’t get to the 6″ mark you’ll need to come back to that zone after your new zone starts running off.

Proper watering techniques can ensure a healthy lawn by keeping the turf stress-free. Maintaining optimum watering conditions promotes deep rooting, disease resistance and insect resistance. Pests and diseases tend to strike when the plant is least healthy or under water or nutrient stress. Proper watering can keep pests and diseases at bay.

Proper lawn irrigation techniques go a long way toward maintaining a healthy lawn. Be sure to tailor your lawn irrigation plan to the specific type of turfgrass in your yard for best results.

The most critical rule for determining the best time to mow is to
insure that no more than 1/3 of the grass blades are cut at any
one time. Cutting more than this length will damage the grass.
First, it will deposit more thatch in the form of cuttings on your
lawn than is healthy and second, the root system and small
shoots of growth will be quickly exposed to the harsh summer
sun which causes stress on the plants.
The 1/3 rule means that grass will likely require more frequent
mowing in the spring and fall when the grass has just been
fertilized and is growing rapidly and less often during the hot
summer months when growth is slower.



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